Elissualos - Fusing & Stained glass workshop


Elissualos - Fusing & Stained glass workshop

Oikonomidis brothers, the founders of the “Elissualos” company, which is located in the city of Veria in Greece, have started to work on glass some years before and still have the will and the talent to make excellent pieces of art, through the technique of vitro and fusing. The results really satisfy and prove what the two artists wanted from the beginning; to be reliable to their work and their customers, respectful to the art they love so much and producers of fine aesthetic pieces.

Their expression of modern art is going to remain for several more years, a source of new ideas for many useful and wonderful art creations. The company has several co operations in Greece and abroad. It, also, participates every year in one of the biggest exhibitions in Athens, where is a good chance for someone who is retailer to meet the founders of “Elissualos” and takes a general idea of their work, knowing that these fine pieces could be useful for a business/ store, e.t.c.

Visiting the atelier, called “Handmade by Damianos” (Damianos is one of the two brothers), you can choose among handmade byzantine icons, pictures and small works of art. You can also decorate your house with special and beautiful designs on walls, columns, fireplaces e.t.c. The suggestions, ideas and solutions the two brothers have to propose are plenty.The guarantee for their work is the trust that the satisfied costumers have on the artists all these years.

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